About Us

What started with a dream to create a community for all kinds of bikers, we started in 2017. This evolved into a powerful community with a wide variety of riders. This includes all kinds of bikes and all kinds of disciplines.

For DutchRideOut, it does not matter who you are, what kind of bike you ride or maybe you don’t even own one. The passion is what matters. If you have the passion, you too, are welcome into our community.

There is always a place for you, and that resembles the power of our community. You don’t need to be part of a specific group to be able to enjoy the good vibes of our community.

Aside our well known yearly rideouts, we are active on several social media platforms. This includes: Instagram, Discord, Telegram and WhatsApp. Here we enable our community to reach out to eachother and talk about every kind of daily topic you can imagine. The community also includes people with mechanic knowledge which can help out new riders with solving some problems they may face.

Every year, we are determined to organise at least two rideouts. The first one is generally planned in the summer period and the second one is our famous Halloween RideOut. The amazing topic during our Halloween RideOut is of course, Halloween! This creates a spectactular variety of riders dressed up in all kinds of different costumes or they might have modified their bike to have spooky themes. At the end of the Halloween RideOut, we organize a vote for whom is the best dressed rider of this event!

We want to keep existing and keep organizing rideouts. That’s why in the background we keep working finding the best spots to meet and routes to ride.

Are you curious on what’s coming next? Then join us on one of our social media channels and make DRO a success!

If you want to support us directly, you can do so by purchasing merchandise and show the world that you too, are a free rider!